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This Blog documents the treatments that I have used in the battles, successful and not, against my own hair loss.

Every month I will be posting my progress in this area. I will also include a photo of my scalp as well as a review on how I am progressing with these treatments and the side effects experienced, if any. However, I am using only topical products in the most natural way possible and avoiding any medicine. In order to clear some of the fog regarding alternative hair treatments, this Blog will review:

1. The products that I use.

2. The products that I stopped using (including the reasons why)

3. The way that I use them.

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A Winning Combination

I want to let you know about my last discovery. Once in a great while during the course of my experimentation I find a method that is effective which I can fully recommend. I am not talking about a new solution or trick that I have created. Rather a reinforcement of a method that I read about. I tried it. And it worked. We are talking about the duel usage of Minoxidil and Roller in a classic combination. Continue reading

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