April 2012

After I had a good result from the first month of using PROCERIN XT, I figured out that something was missing. As you can see from the picture, the front area of my head was a disaster. Even if it stopped my hair loss completely that area would still not look as I wanted. Therefore I needed to find a solution, if possible. Continue reading

March 2012- The beginning

March 2012 was the first month of my journey to defeat my hair loss. I added to my treatment an anti DHT named PROCERIN XT. At first I used it only once a day to make sure that there are no side effects. After a week I started using it twice a day. The effect of the PROCERIN XT was very fast.  Shortly after I started using it I noticed a huge difference in the way that my scalp looked and felt. I previously had a huge amount of dandruff and had suffered from redness. But after using PROCERIN XT for a couple of days I noticed a big change. Specifically, my dandruff vanished. In addition, I had less hair loss than I usually had been experiencing. Continue reading