Good bye Procerin

Procerin foam was the first product I added to my treatment after years of using Minoxidil. To be hones? I though it would change my life.

In reality, other then smelling good and easing the scalp redness it didn’t change too much. For a while now I’ve been thinking of replacing it, but the pace of changes in my treatment was very fast and intense: in the past half year there hasn’t been a single month where I kept  to the same treatment – I was constantly making some changes. As a result, I had to leave it as a “base” product alongside the Minoxidil 5%, which was also, as I mentioned, replaced from liquid to foam. Continue reading

The Best Minoxidil product I found on the Internet and Why I Don’t Buy It

As I have noted in previous posts I arrived at the conclusion that the use of  Minoxidil just for the purpose of using “Minoxidil ” is a waste of time and money.


Up to now the problem with products that combined Minoxidil with other ingredients was that either the product was too expensive to use or not convenient to use. Continue reading