A non-bolding baldy

For the past three months now I have experienced almost zero hair loss. To the readers of this blog this sounds like an accomplishment but that accomplishment also brings about a big problem. If I were to build my treatment regiment 4 years ago, I would by now probably have an impressive amount of hair which I could preserve for many years to come. But the situation is not like that at all, seeing as I have reached some sort of “comfort zone” where I can keep what is already there. I’m pretty apprehensive about doing major treatment changes at the moment and do I find myself stuck in the same place, not losing hair, but not gaining it either. Continue reading

“In some circumstances, the efficiency of synthetic analog of GHK-Cu was similar to that of 5% minoxidil”(Wikipedia)

The substance is active in copper based products such as Graftcyte, Foligen, Tircomin or as a supplement in other products like Revita shampoo. At first glance and after reading some forums I have deducted that it is more of a cosmetic treatment of hair loss – hair thickness and body build, with no significant contribution to the actual hair loss issue. After finding out hair implant clinics recommend this to their clients, I decided to investigate it further. Continue reading