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For the past three months now I have experienced almost zero hair loss. To the readers of this blog this sounds like an accomplishment but that accomplishment also brings about a big problem. If I were to build my treatment regiment 4 years ago, I would by now probably have an impressive amount of hair which I could preserve for many years to come. But the situation is not like that at all, seeing as I have reached some sort of “comfort zone” where I can keep what is already there. I’m pretty apprehensive about doing major treatment changes at the moment and do I find myself stuck in the same place, not losing hair, but not gaining it either.


When I decided to document everything and eventually put up a blog as well, I took into account 2 possibilities. The first, the blog will simply be a big database of rip offs unveiled, lord knows this entire field is very shady and cloudy and full of aggressive marketing content, and in that case the site would simply show people how not to spend their money on nonsense that I have tried and already concluded that it’s a waste of time and money.

The other possibility was to show a success story by introducing the scalp photo of 2013 proudly. To show the way to who ever might be looking for a quality solution to male pattern baldness, without horrible side effects and scars.

The current condition is neither here nor there. There is some visible success, but not what I was aiming for and I am yet to be satisfied by it.

For some of the blog readers this is definitely satisfactory, a lot of readers are relatively young and have just now begun looking for solutions. To them my message is (and I believe with all my heart this message is true) that there is a solution, and frankly, it’s not even that complicated to stop hair loss as you might think. All you have to do is find your winning formula and be persistent. I didn’t invent something new here, the internet is full of forums describing diverse and effective treatment regimes, some even promise impressive results (I’ll introduce some of them at one point).

To whoever has already lost most of their hair I’m afraid at the moment there is no real solution. Don’t fool yourselves, it’s a waste of time, nerves, and money. Just shave it off completely is my advice.

I’m somewhere in middle, at the start of my journey I was a lot closer to the second group, now a bit more towards the first. However even though I’ve stopped hair loss, the look is still one of a “going bald” person.

Where do we go from here?

After understanding that I am currently in a rather “comfortable” zone, I’m going to enjoy it for a while. The reason is that it still is possible that with the current treatment regime I will start to see renewed growth as well. I mean lets be real here, the model I’ve developed has only been tested for about three months now. This means that around January I will start thinking about adding something new. At the same time I’m going to search for more ideas such as ru58841 on which I will probably elaborate in another post.

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4 thoughts on “A non-bolding baldy

  1. Hello admin,
    I’ve always had a full head of hair but the last couple of years heavy hair loss began, mostly in the front. My hair is still full but has become a lot thinner in the front than it was 2 years ago. It’s still not THAT noticeable that people comment on it, but I know for a fact that a few years ago you could not see the scalp in that area, and now you can. I went to a skin doctor and he said there is no reason to take propecia because it has less of an effect in the front and he claims that just because I am thinning in front doesn’t necessarily mean I have hair loss. I asked him if I should use something else to prevent the thinning out like crinagen but he says that aside from vitamins he doesn’t recommend anything, because skin doctors only know to tell you if you should use propecia or not, I would like to get a second opinion wether I should try something to maintain stability in front and slow down the hair loss. I want to point out that besides the front getting thinner everywhere else is just fine. Thank you!

    • hello yoshi!
      Your question is a complicated one, and so I will have to give you a very long answer (I apologize in advance). First of all, I would like you to take a look at this link – http://www.hishairclinic.com/norwood-hamilton-scale/. As you can see, there Is a rating to the level of baldness, notice that the first level states that treatment is unnecessary because it could just be a re-shaping process of the hair line. Many people notice their hair line reseeding back slightly, and that’s all she wrote. In this case, like your doctor said, there is nothing much you can do but keep following it but eventually you will end up with your new hair line. The good news are that you really aren’t going bald and it will probably stay strong that way.
      There is however a possibility that it is the beginning of male pattern baldness, in which case if you want to fight it, it is best to start as early as possible – preserving an existing situation is a lot easier that renewing growth!. If I knew the treatments and started when I was young my situation today would have undoubtedly been much much better, Even if I had just used Minoxidil without anything else. I think only you can truly know where you’re headed, if you are sure you are starting to go bald then maybe it is worth taking those protective measures in advance. But if not and you are simply on level 1 on the Norwood Hamilton scale, then it’s a waste of time and money, and also you might create an addiction for your scalp to the substances.
      There is a third and less likely possibility, which is a deficiency in certain vitamins. Even though 90% of cases have no correlation, you might want to consider checking if you are missing B12 vitamin for example which could thin out hair… worth a check at the least.

      • its hard for me to define wether its level 1 or 2, when I’m with my hair up everything looks normal and nobody notices, it’s only when I stretch my hair back that you can see a problem with the hair line going back more than it used to, and you can see my scalp. 2 years ago I had a lot denser hair that if I stretched it back you still couldn’t see any scalp, and I could also go with my hair wet and spiked up, which I can’t do today because it looks a little bad. In short, nobody tells me that they see a problem but I know how my hair used to be, I also from photos of it, and there is no doubt that the front line moved a little backwards and that things got a little thinner… also, there is some serious hair loss, I keep seeing a lot of hairs on the bed and if I run my hand through my hair over a white sheet of paper I constantly see hairs falling, I guess I still have good hair growth if that kind of hair loss hasn’t caused serious damage. Now I’m debating and don’t know what to do, on one hand serious hair loss and the changes I described, and on the other hand things aren’t that bad yet, so I don’t know if I should do nothing so the hair doesn’t get accustomed to the substances like you said, and then start treating only when it becomes serious, or do I want to preserve the current situation and not wait until it is too late. In short (:P) I know I’m relatively ok but I’m still confused because when baldness is obvious and noticeable then the answer is clear that you need to start treatment, but in my situation I don’t know if the right thing to do is wait more or treat.
        lots of thanks in advance and I really appreciate you help!

        • Hello again yoshi
          I’m sorry but I am not qualified to tell you if you should or shouldn’t treat. You will have to make that decision on your own..
          Personally, I believe in avoiding medication as much as possible. My Moto is health before everything else. If I was in your shoes , I think I would start with something small, say Alpecin and a liquid, or some natural shampoo that is also good for the hair. Remember that every person responds differently to treatment – I have a friend that used Minoxy for years and now after stopping there was absolutely no difference, however when I tried to stop I almost lost everything. You always need to consult a doctor for everything you do, beyond that I cannot give you a definitive answer…

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