A Winning Combination

I want to let you know about my last discovery. Once in a great while during the course of my experimentation I find a method that is effective which I can fully recommend. I am not talking about a new solution or trick that I have created. Rather a reinforcement of a method that I read about. I tried it. And it worked. We are talking about the duel usage of Minoxidil and Roller in a classic combination.

Before I go into greater detail I also need to report that I have implemented an effective change in my daily discipline of hair loss care. From 20 October 2013, I no longer use CRINAGEN for two reasons. These are:

1) I arrived at the conclusion that I was putting too many products on my scalp and in the process causing more damage than remedy.

2) I decided that when I go to sleep I don’t want to do so with any materials. It seems that the scalp has as greater chance of recovery if it can “freely breathe”.

Within three weeks of changing my routine and using the classic combination I began to see a demonstrative improvement in the nature of my hair and hair loss. I am still awaiting delivery of  the other product, RU, previously discussed.

Roller and Lipogaine

I am currently using Roller and Lipogaine. This combination is the most effective I have found under a certain application process which I will discuss here. You are invited to try it for yourself.

Every morning I use the Roller on my scalp. Often I have been asked how much pressure to use. It is actually hard to answer because it varies by individual. But the parameters are: if your scalp is slightly red after use, that is good; if it is bleeding, that is bad. So that over the course of time, you personally get a sense of what works best for you. Fifteen minutes after I have stopped using the Roller, I put one ml of Lipogaine on my scalp. This is not the standard application process. I am sure others use a different method. It would be appreciated if you do, to share that process by writing here below, so that others can benefit as well. I recommend to use Roller and Lipogain, obviously only after you have discussed this with your doctor.

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  1. Hi, nice site, it really seems not to be advertising and more important, documents the progress.that’s great. How’s going now, though and how much are you spending?
    Good luck with the recovery.
    I asked because you left your last posts with bad news.
    Btw, what do you think of hairlossblack book?
    It seems to be plausible, but their page is too blatantly advertising, and the reviews are fake copypasted and as blatantly promotional.

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