Hello, my name is Simon and I built this website because I was looking for a similar one myself.

There are a lot of site on the internet today regarding hair loss (some good, some not so much). There is a lot of information, a lot of forums, there are reports of phenomenal success besides claims of scams and a deceptive industry.

Personally, I was looking for a site that bring you the results of a real life person that is currently using a certain treatment and tests and documents its effects, in a concise and detailed way. In my case specifically I was also looking for someone who treats himself externally and avoids as much as possible treatments which have side effects and chemicals.

This website doesn’t really claim to answer these demands but it’s the closest thing I could create and it’s the most accurate documentation of my treatment. That’s why this site focuses less on “theory”. There’s plenty of that out there in any language explaining about every single product with all the information you could possibly need, and so I saw no point in adding to them. From an objective point of speaking, even when I entered legitimate forums, I had a really hard time figuring out who was marketing something as opposed to honestly reviewing, or even someone who used it for a week and confidently proclaims it doesn’t work.

In this site I share in a concise a manner as I can the treatment process I undertake and the products I use and monitor the treatment through time. I’m not a doctor and not a prophet and I don’t really have the knowledge to predict the outcomes of my treatments, but the goal is to achieve a complete stop to the hair loss process and renew hair growth to a level I feel satisfied with.

In case I choose to add or remove a certain product to the treatment, I recommend you not take it as a definitive word on that product and to use your own personal judgment concerning the treatment you choose to undergo yourselves, seeing that every person might react differently to the treatment, and regardless any serious treatment should be consulted with a doctor first!.