Apple Polyphnol – procyanidin B2

This component shows up in a number of hair growth inducing products. There are a number of very pretentious studies about it describing it as more effective than 5% minoxidil. This is why I’ve decided to gather for you a few studies I found as more reliable concerning the effects of the substance on male hair loss and in general.


The substance is found in un ripened apples, and accts as an oxidation contrast agent protecting the skin from free radicals. Other studies on the subject have shown that after repetitive use an average 80% increase was shown in hair thickness and hair quantity, free of side effects.

The Procyanidin B-2 component can be extracted from Chardonnay grapes but studies have shown that when it is produced from apples it achieves better results.


A study conducted during the year 2000, included 29 men with typical male hair loss. 19 of the subjects received 1% concentrated Procyanidin B-2 from apples, the rest received a placebo.

The conclusions after about 6 months were as follows: 78.9% of subjects showed an increase in hair quantity and thickness. The researchers pointed out in their conclusions that the substance “shows promise as a cure for male pattern baldness”.

In January 2002 a study was published in the prestigious British Journal of Dermatology, testing the influence of Procyanidin B-2 on hair growth. The researchers found that Procyanidin B-2 lowers the amount of Protein kinase C isozymes, influencing the hair cycle. Due to this reduction Procyanidin B-2 causes an extension of the growth stage (Anagen) and a shortening of the rest stage (Telogen). As a result, a substantial improvement in hair growth can be seen.

A Japanese study conducted in 2005, and published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, confirmed the findings of the other studies concerning the fact that Procyanidin B-2 thickens the hair strand and encourages additional growth. In addition, this study has extended the trial period to 12 months and concluded that usage during a 12 months period brings about better results than observed in the first 4-6 months of use.


The studies shown here almost all refer to external use of the substance. However, there are also capsules and sprays available. The new shampoo I introduced into my treatment, Revita , the substance appears as one of the 11 main substances in the shampoo.

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