Difficult situations require serious actions

Recently and unexpectedly my situation deteriorated to an extreme degree. However, to be perfectly honest, I had began not to be as careful and conscientious on my regime as I once was. For example: after every shower I had not used Alpecin, I missed a few days of using Minoxidil, for a long time I had not been using Jamaican Oil, and I was not diligent in the use of Carinagen. The results were not long in coming. Currently I am suffering more hair loss and my remaining hair is thinner.. Continue reading

RU58841 and CB-03-01

Recently I have had a feeling that I am missing something. I looked at many forums around the world and I noticed a lot of talking about some products that I don’t know about and don’t know how to get. Most of these “products” are not exactly products. Instead, they are chemical ingredients that have been purchased in labs and then mixed at home. I am continuing with my regular regime but I have also started looking at the alternatives in order to take my treatment to the next level.

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