Common Questions Regarding Hair Loss And My Personal Treatment

One of my blog readers sent me a very organized list of questions recently, and seeing as some of them are questions I’ve seen in the past in mails and comments I get, I’ve decided to dedicate a post to answer them in full.

Going from Minoxidil liquid to Minoxidil foam


Does hair still maintain a bad look as a result of using the substance after drying.

Hair looks much better than it does after using Minoxidil liquid. And you also don’t need to dry it, it dries within a matter of seconds.

What sort of change in the amount or hair and hair loss did you notice as a result from switching between the products?

At first it was a negative change, but I’m not sure this was caused due to the product switch but rather some of the other changes I did at that time. right now I’m still with the foam and I’m quite pleased, however I am considering switching to another Minoxidil product (such as Lipogain)

Do you think Minoxidil foam’s effect lasts longer?

I think using Minoxidil liquid didn’t do my scalp any good and that is why I switched to the foam which is easier to apply, as for the effect’s duration, I don’t think there is a considerable difference between them.

General questions on hair loss and treatment


I’m currently using Minoxy for six and a half years, and although the first year or two the results were amazing, in the last 4 there has been an decline, did you experience this as well?

Yes. After a few years I started to notice that Minoxidil is getting less and less effective. I recommend trying out different possibilities but at the same time being more and more strict with your treatment. I’ve noticed a direct link between Minoxidil’s effect and my keeping in its correct usage day in and day out (clean scalp, quality application, etc..)

What do you mean by clean scalp, does this mean shampooing every day? in your opinion is shampooing daily recommended or is it possible it makes matters worse?

I believe in a daily shampoo routine, and generally doing as much as possible in keeping your scalp clean for the absorbtion of substances as well as for scalp health. If you are using Minoxidil then you probably know the uneasy feeling you get on your scalp after not shampooing for a while after usage… seeing as most shampoos contain a lot of chemicals that are damaging to your hair like SLS I make it a point to shampoo either with a natural shampoo (which allows even 2 applications a day) or Revita shampoo, which compared to other shampoos by leading brands has less damaging substances and also contains a lot of good substances.

Are the extra products you used FDA approved? Or approved by some other health organization? Aren’t you afraid of using unapproved or unsupervised substances?

I’ve gone through the substances of every product I use and I found nothing I should be afraid of. Most of the products I use are natural and so do not require an FDA approval at all (they aren’t sold as a medicine). I think the most “harmful” substance I use is the Minoxidil. 

Do you know people who are using Propecia without side effects? From a quick read on the internet there’s a diversity of those, starting with mental illness to sexual problems, and even an increased risk of a violent prostate cancer, and so I’m really timid about taking it. On the other hand, I feel I don’t have the courage to try non-medically supervised products.

I know of 2 people who have been using Propecia for a long time and have reported no side effects, but I’ve also heard of people who experienced certain “unpleasant” experiences and have decided to stop. The most common from what I gather is a drop in sexual appetite.


Lots of thank to the reader for taking the time and writing down his questions for me, I feel I should again point out I am not a doctor and that I just share my own actions and opinions with my readers, it is up to you to demonstrate judgment in whatever it is you decide to do.

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