Difficult situations require serious actions

Recently and unexpectedly my situation deteriorated to an extreme degree. However, to be perfectly honest, I had began not to be as careful and conscientious on my regime as I once was. For example: after every shower I had not used Alpecin, I missed a few days of using Minoxidil, for a long time I had not been using Jamaican Oil, and I was not diligent in the use of Carinagen. The results were not long in coming. Currently I am suffering more hair loss and my remaining hair is thinner..

A few days ago I looked in the mirror and realized that if I did not take a radical step I’m lost. Therefore I took the initiative and ordered the expensive RU – 60 ML of RU 5% with K & B at $ 107.89!!! To tell the truth I have no idea what K & B is. I only know that it is carried (like PG, ethanol, etc.) as the most sought after among existing options. I also went back to a more precise and exacting regime. I began to take better care of everything (including comb needles). As such I have started to see a minor improvement in the situation.

Perhaps and ironically from this low place can be found the ultimate solution. You never know. Whomever has invested so much and then experienced a crash knows exactly how I feel now. On the one hand it’s just hair, on the other hand … Sht.

Personal Lessons

1) I need to wash every day.  It is a mistake to put different products on each other (except maybe Nutrifolica liquid).

I should reduce the amount of products I use. Both in time and in terms of price, there is a need to make hard decisions and painful concessions.

Small update about Lipogain

Those who have not heard, Lipogain does not contain azelaic acid anymore. I hope to upload a post about the coming week and present the alternatives available in the market.

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