Febuary 2013 summary – sparse, but stable

Treatment so far is more or less proving to be effective as far as preservation is concerned. Beyond that, I am still unable to say how far this could possibly go…

I don’t have a lot of news to be honest, I’m still going strong with the treatment and getting some nice encouraging results due among other things to 2 minor changes:

  1. Pin roller – 3 times a week instead of 2

More than a few times now I’ve bled out because of this thing, so I recommend not talking on your cellphone when you’re using it…

  1. So far, I’ve used the roller in the mornings before the Nutrifolica liquid. From now on I’m “split testing” – each time I use the roller before a different treatment. It’s important to point out that I take a one hour pause to let the skin calm down and only then apply the substance.

Conclusions from this month

  1. I received some hair strengthening shampoo with salts and what not as a gifts. So, I decided to alternating between it, Nutrifolica and Revita shampoo every day. in reality I might have shampooed a bit less with the Revita due to not paying adequate attention to my day cycle. The result was I noticed a rather fast rise in hair loss. The main conclusion is again regarding Ketoconazole, which is an Extremely important substance to treatment and is very highly recommended. Doesn’t have to be Revita, Nizoral or Regenepure DR are also possibilities.
  2. Regarding a monthly photo. The problem with these kinds of photos, is that when you take them, every minor change in lighting can show something completely different (the current photo was taken with a brighter light than the last ones). Bottom line, the photos should be taken as somewhat of an indicator, but also taken with a grain of salt. (also, I will make an effort to take them in a uniform lighting from here on out).

Simon is not all knowing

I’m looking for people more experienced or knowledgeable than me to share their inputs in the blog for me and my reader’s sake. The vast majority of mails and comments I get are from “beginners” just starting their treatment or looking to start, and I would like to encourage more experienced readers to take a more active part. Give us your own treatment conclusions, tips you’ve picked up along the way, etc… I remind you that everything you read on this blog is a product of personal experience and as so could benefit immensely from parallel or contradicting experiences, we are all studying together.

March treatment-

ShampooNutrifolica and Revita, on and off

Rogain – once a day, usually evenings

Crinagen – at night before going to sleep

Nutrifolica liquid – every morning

Pin roller – 3 times a week before a different treatment

JBCO – once a week

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2 thoughts on “Febuary 2013 summary – sparse, but stable

  1. Do you think that when you want to only preserve existing hair and not grow new, you can use minoxidil foam once a day and a good shampoo only? Can doing only this keep my hair the same for years?

    • The general consensus is that you also need a DHT blocker for that. I kept my hair with nothing but Minoxi 5 (once a day) for about 2 years. I guess it depends on the person

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