Five IMPORTANT Tips for Male Hair Treatment

There are Five Tips I want to share with you that I have learned over the course of my own treatment. They are listed here in random order.

These tips may seem simple. They are not. If you do not pay attention to them, you may wind up hurting your own hair treatment efforts.

Again, it must be emphasized that all these tips are based on the effects that I personally had during the course of my own treatment.


1. MINOXIDIL 5%  foam

It is imperative NOT to apply more than needed. It can cause light dizziness. It is important to shake the can before use. This will allow a better foam and improves the treatment. It is also important to store the can in a cool, but not cold place.


2. Treatment Shampoos which Prevent Hair Loss

– These are shampoos which contain: Ketoconazole, caffeine, T Tree Oil, etc. It is important to leave the shampoo on the scalp for several minutes.  Rinse only after at least 4 minutes in order to have the shampoo be effective. Personally I am in the habit to wash twice. The first time I use the shampoo to clean the scalp, usually for a moment or two which then will allow greater effectiveness in the second application. The second time I leave the shampoo for at least four minutes.


3. Daily Hair Washing

There are those who do not wash their hair and scalp daily. THIS IS A MAJOR MISTAKE! In light of the fact that you are using a number of different treatments, it is a prerequisite for effective treatments that the scalp be clean and ready to receive the treatments. As long as a natural shampoo is being used; there is absolutely no problem with washing the hair daily or even twice daily.


4. Hair Promotion Products

 During the first two weeks it is very important to begin with low dosages in order to see how you respond to the product. For example as part of the manufacturers instructions for MINOXIDIL  15% of  Minoxidilmax ; it is recommended to first put a drop on the inside of the elbow in order to make sure that there are no allergic reactions. Personally I had horrible responses from over using a product in the initial stages. These problems can be found at May 2012 – You have been WARNED !!! and JBCO- Jamaican Black Castor Oil.


5. Proportional Response

Do not panic! It really is ok if you discover that you are having hair loss because there are effective treatments. Do not begin with the most aggressive treatments or the ones that may have long term adverse side effects. You have to take into account that if you begin a treatment that works you will be using the treatment for many, many years. For example if you begin with medication, you will be taking the pills every day for a long, long time. Remember it is very difficult to determine the rate of hair loss. Therefore, even the change to using an effective shampoo can save you both financial and personal suffering.


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2 thoughts on “Five IMPORTANT Tips for Male Hair Treatment

  1. : What’s up, I have dandruff at times, sometimes months without, but some months with. Does shampoo alone solve the problem? Head and shoulders is disappointing me so i switched to clear, any other solution? Props by the way

    • hello Adam,
      As part of the hair losing process I experience dandruff at a extreme scale, from what I encountered so far I found 2 effective options:
      1. Nizoral shampoo which is also very cheap and very effective (there’s a page dedicated to it here, could be a good option if it only comes in different periods of time). There’s another disgusting product I forgot the name of the the doctor usually offers me before he whips out the Ketoconazole, if that happens just tell him to subscribe Ketoconazole
      2. Another option is an organic shampoo without chemicals and bad elements in it, I currently use Nutrifolica and I don’t recommend it seeing as it is too powerful in terms of the cleaning process it does to the scalp (I don’t have dandruff but sometimes because of the intense cleansing it removes dead cells off your scalp and they look like dandruff). In your case i would check for a less intense natural shampoo and use it daily. If you don’t currently suffer from hair loss there’s no point in a shampoo like nutrifolica, just switch to a chemical free head cleansing shampoo. What eventually stopped dandruff with me was Procerin, but that is a specifically hair loss targeted product (and a very expensive one too) and so you shouldn’t go in that direction. To sum up- either Nizoral or organic shampoo or both. If I would recommend one, it would be pantene pro vitamin (surprisingly good and not as toxic as the rest).

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