Good bye Procerin

Procerin foam was the first product I added to my treatment after years of using Minoxidil. To be hones? I though it would change my life.

In reality, other then smelling good and easing the scalp redness it didn’t change too much. For a while now I’ve been thinking of replacing it, but the pace of changes in my treatment was very fast and intense: in the past half year there hasn’t been a single month where I kept  to the same treatment – I was constantly making some changes. As a result, I had to leave it as a “base” product alongside the Minoxidil 5%, which was also, as I mentioned, replaced from liquid to foam.

About a month ago I realized ‘m probably not going to continue using the product but I nevertheless wanted to give it a period of at least 8 months to come to a decision I would be at peace with and also in order to give a fully thought out opinion to the blog readers. Over the next month, finally, I will finish using the final bottle of Procerin XT  and I’m really not excited about spending more money on purchasing three to six extra bottles.  In my opinion Procerin is not worth its cost. To be clear, some people are very happy with Procerin and some aren’t, I just happened to fall on the second group. As with the Polten shampoo and the Lazer Comb, the fact that I decided to remove it from my treatment says very little about its efficiency.

Something for experienced readers


Over the next month I plan on finding a DHT blocker that is more effective for me – both in terms of cost and ingredients. The product will probably be based on the same “technology” as Procerin:serenoa serrulata, azelaic acid, and zero side  effects. Whoever used this type of product before (Crinagen. Revivogen, Fluridil etc.) for a long period of time and wants to share is welcome to respond to this  post, and contribute from your personal experience .

Thanks in advance J I will soon publish a conclusion post with an up to date scalp photo.

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2 thoughts on “Good bye Procerin

  1. why are you stopping with Procerin? Have you tried using their pills? I’ve seen really good reactions from someone using their pills so I ordered them too

    • Hello Tom, it is very important to me to avoid using any sort of pill. This is why I only used Procerin foam, it’s not that I think it’s a bad product or anything. Now, about the reason I stopped, I’ve dedicated an entire post “” to this subject, and also explained it more in depth in one of the comments to that post. In short, I think I can get more for a less money. Your welcome to try and change my mind or ask me more about this, that is why the blog is here, so we can learn from each other based on actual experience. Now, about the Procerin pills- I’ve also heard good things, however if I were you I would double check the ingredients, because more often than not you can get the exact same thing for a fraction of the cost. I recently saw a video of someone going through every single ingredient in Procerin pills and explaining how you could get basically exactly the same thing from Saw palmetto pills and a multivitamin (if I ever find the video again I’ll put up a link). Don’t take my word for it, I did not check this myself, but it’s worth checking out

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