“In some circumstances, the efficiency of synthetic analog of GHK-Cu was similar to that of 5% minoxidil”(Wikipedia)

The substance is active in copper based products such as Graftcyte, Foligen, Tircomin or as a supplement in other products like Revita shampoo. At first glance and after reading some forums I have deducted that it is more of a cosmetic treatment of hair loss – hair thickness and body build, with no significant contribution to the actual hair loss issue. After finding out hair implant clinics recommend this to their clients, I decided to investigate it further.

Copper peptidedes

The use in its topical form has to main qualities:

1)      A strong anti inflammatory agent that significantly reduces outside oxidizing damage of wounds. That is to say it reduces the redness created around wounds as a result of outside contact with inner tissues

2)      Helps in the acceleration of the wound’s recovery process and replacing the damaged skin with healthy skin.

The substance has proven its contribution to the success rate of hair implants, enhancing the size of hair follicles, encouraging hair growth and reducing hair loss.


A study conducted at the University of San Francisco Wound Center studied the effect of Copper Peptide on wounds. Researchers were surprised to discover that in addition to the fact that wounds were healing at a 30% faster rate, there was an increase of hair growth in the area surrounding the wound. This surprising discovery led to the substance being tested on a woman suffering from a 90% hair loss (from unclear causes), and after a year of use almost 100% of the lost hair returned. Also, in tests conducted on people who have undergone chemotherapy an overwhelming success has been seen in encouraging hair growth and reviving new hair follicles.


while gathering this information, I couldn’t ignore the fact that these studies and impressive results are promoting the Trademark patent registered in the name of Dr. Loren Pickard, who also markets some of the products and receives royalties for the others. Its possible that if the studies were not profit based and there was no patent on this particular course of treatment, the results may have been slightly different. This is a personal opinion and I have no intention insinuating that this is a scam of any kind – all the forums I found are full of good reviews by people using Tircomin or  Foligen and are very satisfied.

My treatment

I previously wanted to combine using Foligen with a high concentration of Copper Peptide, which can be taken once every other day, but due to the abundance of substances in my treatment I refrained from doing so. At the moment I’m content with the fact my Revita shampoo has a certain concentration of Copper Peptide and I can combine it in my treatment easily. Whoever wants to really form his own opinion on the substance should in my opinion use a product containing Copper Peptide in higher concentrations.

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