Minoxidil –Why Yes?

 Although I have been using Minoxidil 5% from a number of different companies for several years, I have never recommended to anyone to start using Minoxidil. The main reason is that I have some theory, which I have never found evidence for, that Minoxidil causes dependence. When I stop using Minoxidil for a short time I have experienced a very strong hair loss. Some might say that when you stop using, the hair goes back to what it was supposed to be if you haven’t used Minoxidil at all. Some will say it become worse.

On this post I would like to show the flip side of the coin. Why you should start using Minoxidil products and why it is even more important to newbies to start using:

1) Fast results– For someone who just started using hair loss treatment products and wants some improvement from the beginning, it is highly recommended to start with Minoxidil. After only a few months, he will start seeing improvement – less hairloss and a thicker hair.  Fast results will encourage him to take more action, to try more stuff and to believe in the process. If someone starts his treatment with some fake products or something that takes a lot of time to start seeing results, he might doubt the treatment and go bald.

2)Early Preventionanyone that I know of who achieved some results with his hair loss treatment, will always regret that he haden’t start earlier. To preserve is much easier then to renew. It is highly recommended to start with some product that’s brings almost sure results (that’s including Finasteride although I’m against it).

I have been using several different Minoxidil products. I added a short review on all of them:

1) Local liquid Minoxidil company- This one I started using before I discover eBay J. The name of the company is not really important. What’s important that the product cost me lots of redness on the scalp and dandruff. I used it several years since it show tremendous improvement with my hair loss.

2) Rogain Foam– After I tried Rogain I realized that it will be much better for my scalp to use foam instead of what I was using. The problem was that I noticed that Rogain was less effective for me. I’m not saying it is not a good product. I know many how are satisfied with Rogain. For me it wasn’t. After A year I decided to try something else. Rogain also caused me some side effects. I am guessing it because I used a high dose at the beginning.

3) Lipogain – That is what I am using now. For me it works the best. The only problem is that it a little bit more pricey.

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One thought on “Minoxidil –Why Yes?

  1. Hi Simon,
    I have been using Nutrifolica Shampoo for 2 months now. I haven’t started using any thing else but I am loosing lots of hair on the front. Also my scalp is very Oily. Nutrifolica didn’t help me with this. Can you suggest for me something that can help with the oily skin? I also have an annoying Itching all over my head.
    I am thinking of start using Minoxidil, yet I am afraid of losing too much hair at the beginning. Do you think Minoxidil can grow new hair? And last question: what do you think of using wax? Can I use it with Minoxidil?
    Thank you and to anybody else who can help!

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