November 2012 conclusion – best month of the decade

Perseverance paid off. After several pretty gloomy months I was finally start to see the beginning of a positive trend by the end of September. By October there was already amazing improvement, the hair loss had nearly completely stopped. November continued the trend and now there is even renewed growth in the front. However little it is, its still enough to understand that I’m doing something right.

Two questions arise from this month:

The first is obviously what Is  really the factor responsible for the improvement within my array of products, and should I drop some of them. The second question is how far can I go with this hair restoring trend and will it require additional products?

You don’t change a winning line-up

Morning – NUTRIFOLICA  liquid

During the day – Rogain foam

Shampoo – NUTRIFOLICA and Revita, on and off.

Crinagen – at night time after shampooing hair

JBCO – once a week

A word regarding the holidays

It’s the holiday season, and there are amazing sales on Ebay as well as Amazon. Whoever finds something especially interesting is more than welcome to share with the rest. I wanted to publish a sale on 4 months worth of Rogain for 53$ (!!!) but unfortunately shipping was very expensive… so on the one hand this time of year is a great time to buy, but remember to always check the fine print.

A word on the photo gallery

Whoever documents his scalp like me, is aware of the fact that photos tend to lie. It very much depends on the state of your hair on that particular day. However, pictures are the best indication we have, and so I’ll continue to document, but take the pictures with a grain of salt.

The nonsense section

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