Well I decided to see how much my treatment costs per month and to explain why I am using each product. Please feel free to comment on the prices or if you think that I’m doing something wrong.


I must say that since I start using Lipogain I see a good change. I will add photos, probably next month.


Morning Treatment

Nutrifolica Liquid– The last version of the can comes with a spray nozzle. This is much easier to use then the older version of the can. I have been using Nutrifolica for almost a year. It is not clear if it really helps, but I will continue using it for the nearest future.


Price- approximately 9$ per month (53.9$ for 3 cans  which is for six month, and it comes with 1 can of Nutrifolica Shampoo).


After Noon

Crinagen or Rogain – Ever since I ordered Lipogaine, I decided not to order Rogain anymore. There are many reasons why I found the Lipogaine better than Rogain and I will write about it, probably on a future post. I have one more can of Rogain that for some reason does not seem to want to end. I am using Rogain and Lipogaine every other day, on each day something else. I have Crinagen for at least 3 months. After that I will have to make a choice if I continue with that or not.


Crinagen– 28.7$ per month (114.85$ for 4 cans)



Revita and Nutrifolica – On the last month I invented a new shampooing method. I start with a regular washing with Nutrifolica, that clean the scalp very well and remove all the materials that I have on my hair from other products. After that I use Revita and keep it on the scalp for couple of minutes. With this method I feel that the ingredients of Revita work much better. 


Nutrifolica Shampoo– 0$ ( I get it for free when I buy the Nutrifolica  liquid)

Revita– 6.2 per month ( It cost €24.95 on MANKIND STORE and last for at least 4 month).

After washing

Alpecin Liquid – Has a very nice smell. You can use it at any time, but I found it most effective after shower.



Alpecin Liquid- 4$ per month (cost me 8.73$ on eChemist)



At Night Time

Lipogaine- I will soon add a page about the products and its ingredients. For now I will note that this is the most important product on my regime and one of the best on the market.



Lipogaine- 17$ per month ( 101.88$ for 3 cans, if you use it twice a day as recommended the price per month is 34$!)


Every other day

Darma roller- a nice product that stimulate the blood on the scalp.

Once a week

JBCO- leave it on the scalp for half an hour. It prevents dandruff and itchiness.

These 2 almost cost nothing per month :)


In Summary

My regime costs me approximately 66$ per month. Although it doesn’t seem like it from my description, the actual amount of time during the day devoted to the process  is not too much. Actually only a little  bit more than brushing my teeth.


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20 thoughts on “Prices

  1. hello simon. After many years of going through all the alternatives and kind of accepting the situation, I’m back to using minoxy 5 and a dead sea shampoo and the results are amazing. Within a week all the sparcity up front was gone and I had a nice new little nest of baby hairs on my head, very recommended

  2. In my opinion, in the summer the hair is much fuller. In the winter you lose more hair. You should always compare your progress summer to summer and winter to winter on a yearly basis.

  3. Hi Simon,
    As someone that have been through a lot, I guess you know better than a Doctor about my situation. I have started to lose my hair a year ago. I fought that it will pass so I didn’t take it too seriously. As the time went by I become more and more nervous about the situation. Recently I noticed a bigger change and the hair is so shedding that I can see my scalp. I try to take some vitamins such as vitamin B, Zinc etc. I also used Indola shampoo which has helped a little bit, but it’s not enough. I need your help to tell me what I need to do now in order to take my treatment into the next level.

    • : Hi Savio,
      First you need to calm down. Stress itself can cause hair loss. This has been proven in several research studies. If you really want to take it seriously, you need to understand that this is a marathon not a sprint. The treatment takes time, and you have to be discipline.
      Taking vitamins in order to prevent hair loss can help only if the reason for your hair loss is because of lacking of them. If you have male pattern boldness, that won’t help you at all.
      I looked at the ingredients of Indola shampoo. I must say I have seen way better shampoos that I wrote about them on my blog.
      I am not going to tell you what to do. I am still figure thing out myself. I can tell you that my treatment is the best that I have found so far, but I am sure that I will improve it.
      The only thing that I can encourage you to do is to start working. Read my blog, read others, compare, ask questions and then take action. Find out what works for you and you will get results. Take action now!
      Good Luck!!!

      • Thank you! I really appreciate what you are doing. I read a little and I’m confused. I would like that you tell me what to start with

  4. I’m not recommending to use Palmetto tablets. Although it really helped me with my hair loss, it cost me a serious Sexual Dysfunction!!!

  5. use a shampoo with the active ingredient (ketconoazole) because it has been clinically proven to regrow hair and inhibit D.H.T on the scalp which plays a major factor in hair loss! shampoo’s with the active ingredient (ketconoazole) are: Rengenpure,lipogaine,revita. (minoxidil + (ketoconazole) shampoo = HAIR (please prove me wrong)

    • HI,
      For me it helps, but it’s not Enough. Revita is a great shampoo. I haven’t tried Regenpure or lipogain shampoo (big 3) yet.

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