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Some products claim to reduce hair loss, some claim to restore hair that has been lost. Laser combs are in this second category.

I wasn’t sure.

However I thought to myself if a laser is capable of endless applications from guiding a missile to doing eye surgery, to weld or to perform other operations on the human body and even to remove hair; the questions is “WHY WOULDN’T IT HELP TO RESTORE HAIR?”

I investigated this with some skepticism. When I saw the exorbitant prices as opposed to laser products that have slight potency and a product that claimed it could restore hair this seemed to me to be a hair loss scam.

Notwithstanding my skepticism I noted that this product has some popularity in the hair restoration community both among males and females. Thus it seemed to me that perhaps this product might produce some results.


Today there is a company called HAIRMAX who markets a laser comb which is FDA approved. It also creates the impression that it is a quality product. However to spend over $500 on this product seemed to me to be too substantial an investment given my own doubts as to its actual benefits. Therefore I did not purchase this product.


I decided to take a calculated risk and purchase a laser comb that was less expensive but that still had a substantial laser potency. I assumed that given that there was a reduced laser power the effects if they were to be beneficial would take a longer period of time to see the results. Accordingly in order to give this product a chance I decided to give a grace period of six months (as opposed to the two months I usually give  other products) to determine if the laser comb was having a positive effect or not.

The truth is that even if the laser comb does not assist in restoring hair it produces a warm effect on the scalp that I found to be very soothing and relaxing – a type of massage. However I did find in various hair loss forums that some people complained that the product produced headaches similar to extensive use of cell phones. To be honest with my own use I did not experience this effect. The company promises a money back guarantee for up to 26 weeks if the customer is not satisfied for any reason. In addition, the product comes with a two year warranty.


General Information

How to use

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the laser comb should be used for up to 15 minutes (until the comb beats). This use should be three times a week.


Side Effects


With use as above I did not experience any negative side effects. BUT when I used the product beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations, the effects were horrible as I describe at May 2012 – You have been WARNED !!!


Current Use

Currently I am not using the product, the reasons for which I further discuss in that post.


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