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Starting date: 01/03/2013

I’ll start out by mentioning that this is a CHEAP pin roller and not one of the “fancy” ones i occasionally run into. I’ve decided to try and try this product in its cheapest version (10$ including delivery), and if anyone out there is using a more expensive one and would like to explain the difference to me, I’d be happy to hear about it. As far as I’m concerned, a needle is a needle.

I’ve been using this roller for a period of almost 2 months now (as of February 26th, 2013), starting out with twice a week to see how my head responds, and moving on to 3 times a week (I’m considering turning that into 4).

My personal opinion

A lot of times people tend to think that the more expensive a product is the better it is. When I attempted to improve the blood flow in my scalp I initially used a lazer comb that cost quite a bit and that only caused me more hair loss, with the roller I’m a lot more satisfied. I feel like my scalp has better blood flow now and also I think the rest of the products I use are penetrating more efficiently.

What size needles to buy?

I’ve added a short explanatory video that might provide a real answer to this question. Even though it’s a bit more focused on the usage of the pin roller in general there is also a specific reference to scalp health.

I chose to use the 1mm length, I don’t know if that’s the best choice but it seemed logical to me when I purchased it, and I recommend reading the post I wrote about the subject explaining my expectations of the cheap pin roller more in depth.

One thought on “Cheap Derma Roller

  1. I’ve just ordered a 1.0mm 192-pin dermaroller myself. There seems to be some disagreement on the web as to whether one needs to roll so deep as to actually draw a bit of blood or just create some redness in the scalp. Which method have you employed? It seems to be working for you…

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