Starting date: 03/24/2013

On my searches to find the “ultimate Minoxidil”, I have tried several Minoxidil products. The last one of them was Rogain Foam, which was disappointing  to me. Although the Rogain Foam was easy to use, the Minoxidil ingredient didn’t absorb well through the scalp. After a month of research and lots of thinking I bought Lipogaine. When I wrote this page, I have been using Lipogain for more then 2 months and I am very satisfied.

Lipogaine Ingredients

Water, propylene glycol, ethanol, Minoxidil 5%, azelaic acid, retinol, saw palmetto extract, beta-sitosterol, oleic acid, gamma linolenic acid, alpha linolenic acid, linoleic acid, apple polyphenol, biotin,niacin, adenosine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphatidylcholine.

In addition to Minoxidil 5% Lipogaine also contain ingredients which promote hair growth ( such as apple polyphenol ) and also ingredients that reduce the amount of DHT on the scalp ( such as azelaic acid and saw palmetto extract). In order to absorb better Lipgaine contain ethanol and propylene glycol.

Lipogaine role on my treatment

Although Lipogaine contains a variety of ingredients, the main purpose of Lipogaine on my treatment is that it is a high quality minoxidil product. It means that the ingredient Minoxidil 5% penetrates to the follicles on a High percentage, easy to use, has no smell and dries fast. The other ingredients are a huge bonus, especially for those who use only one product. Azelaic acid has been proven to reduce hair loss on several researches and other ingridients sometimes been used as the main ingredient on a product or a shampoo ( such as niacin , biotin , apple polyphenol).

Lipogaine Benefits

Today Lipogaine is one of the best topical hair lose treatment on the market. It almost has The perfect combination of many affective ingredients. The fact that it has no smell and dry fast make it possible to use Lipogain during the day without damaging your life style or to change you schedule.

Lipogaine Disadvantages

Compering to other minoxidil products Lipogain is more expensive . If you are sensitive for propylene glycol you my consider buying other product.

Lipogaine cane

Similer products

There are other minoxidil products that also contain ingredient which reduce DHT. The main “competitors” for lipogain that I notices are Spectral DNC-L ( by DS Laboratoris) and MaXus 5% which contains caffeine. To those of you that sensitive to propylene glycol, I suggest to check out MaXus 5%, but thake in consediratio that it has a bad smell.

How to use?

Very simple, using a Dropper. It makes it easy to know how much you apply. Unlike Rogaine poam, that I neve knew how much to apply. The recommended use is 2ml per day , which means 1 ml on every application. For now I use only 1 ml. It takes 1-2 for the liquid to dry\ Absorbed. After the use, your hair will be a little bit sticky for several hours.

Where to buy?

You can buy Lipogaine on ebay or on amazon. I recommend you to compare the prices between these two.



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