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NUTRIFOLICA –  The question is not why to use it but how?

How could it be that a product without marketing, that has a web site which is not updated, and even has some spelling mistakes on the site is one that somehow everyone who knows about hair restoration and baldness impairment knows about? And those who know, know how good this shampoo is? What is more amazing is that in all my research on the Internet, I have not found any bad comments about the product. But I did find people who claim that they use only NUTRIFOLICA (LIQUID) and it was enough for them to stop their hair loss. It is possible, but personally I am skeptical about this claim.


For this shampoo I have found what I believe are more realistic comments about this product. Nonetheless the trend of all the comments is always the same. It is almost universally noted that this is a good product at a very good price. Since I was looking for a natural alternative to Foltene shampoo for men, I decided to try it.

After using NUTRIFOLICA shampoo for a couple of months now, I think that if you looking for a natural shampoo without SLS and other chemicals, a shampoo that you can use on a daily basis, and that gives a good cleaning to the scalp; then this is a good alternative.

NUTRIFOLICA shampoo does have some ingredients which are supposed to prevent hair loss. Ingredients such as Saw Palmetto and Nettles. However, personally I don’t believe that there is any shampoo that can actually prevent hair loss. However, for me this shampoo is good because I want to wash my hair every day without causing any damage to my hair with bad chemicals.


As I mentioned earlier, I have not found any  bad reviews about this product anywhere on the Internet. But I did find some people who claimed to get outstanding results with this product after 8 to 10 months of use. The product has many ingredient which are similar to those in expensive products such as REVIVOGEN and PROCERIN. However, unlike them, NUTRIFOLICA has a texture of water, And that water has a nice smell. In addition, what is good about this product is that you can use it whenever time you like during the day because it is absorbed real fast.


Honestly, I’m really skeptical about this product, since it has no Azelaic Acid, and it is way less expensive than the competitors. I hope it can helps to my main product which blocking the DHT Procerin. Since it not too pricey I will give it a chance for couple of month.

If you try this products I would like to hear your reviews, especially if you use them alone

Side effects: none

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11 thoughts on “NUTRIFOLICA

  1. I use only nutrifolica products liquid and shampoo and I’m very satisfied with the results . I noticed a huge change after 8 months . Before that I used minoxidil and Finasteride but now I use only that.

  2. The liquid absorbs rapidly at the beginning of the treatment, the scalp is thirsty for these substances, after a few months you’ll need to perform a lot of messaging before use, I’m considering adding a pin roll or something, but I’m not sure yet. Basicly, my review on the product is good, it’s the only product I use, I’ve used propecia and minoxidil and im much more satisfied with nutrifolica.
    I personally used it before going to bed, so it works at night, but I’m no expert, do whatever you feel.

    • After two and a half months of treatment with the liquid, it still absorbs in seconds on the scalp. I put it during the day, never before going to bed. As I mentioned I treat Procerin as the main product in the treatment (and allow it to absorb over night) but that’s just my assumption and I don’t have enough data to determine efficiency. Actually im pretty surprised you use nutrifolica as a sole treatment after taking down propecia and minoxidil from the list. There’s no question it’s a good product, but the question is can it deliver quality results on it’s own, stopping hair loss and renewing growth?

    • It’s not b/c the scalp is “thirsty” for the ingredients. It’s b/c the treatment has penetrating agents that help the ingredients get down into the follicles of the scalp.

  3. Hey, I also started using nutrifolica liquid and from what I’ve read on ebay the seller claimed to use minoxidil at first and tells how he found it and switched to using only it. Basicly in the manual they say you need to apply the liquid on your head for the entire night. The product should stop hair loss and help regrowth after a period of correct use.

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  5. nutrifolica is the only product that has ever worked for me (but it got so much easier to apply when they finially switched to the spray top). initially it took a while to get good results, but after 5 months even my friends were asking me if I had joined Hair Club for Men. lol. their shampoo actually cleans my hair without destroying my scalp. nothing but pleasant things to say about both products

  6. Tengo unos dos años usando shampoo y loción Nutrifolica, no dejo de tenrlos en mi higiene de lavado de cabeza y si funciona… Tengo 50 años y mi cabellera estaba totalmente blanca y reaparecieron hasta algunos cabellos negros en la parte superior y frontal. Solo deben tener paciencia y ser constantes.

  7. I’ve been using the shampoo and the treatment. It is excellent. However, I must say I also use ‘finger-nail brushing’ also. I’ve found this has literally accelerated the growth of my hair…and we’re talking of new hair on a considerable bald area on my scalp. And at nearly 70 that’s a pretty good result.

    I also use supplements and ensure I eat as much alkaline food as possible. Avoid sugar, corn syrup, refined carbs as much as possible.

    Nutrifolica is to be commended for such an effective product. But you must be determined and patient!

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