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In the world of the war against baldness and hair loss there is almost a unanimous consensus as to the fact that shampoo alone will not win the war but is only one weapon in the battle. And an ineffective one.


Nonetheless each person who has been forced into this war is known to seek the shampoo that provides the maximum benefit for the seeker.


Shampoo REVITA  is one of the only shampoos in the world that actually does have some effectiveness against hair loss. This is because of the collection of ingredients that is formulated in this product.


My impression is that DSL Laboratories did an extensive investigation and put into their product any and every ingredient that they believed might have a positive effect. In addition they seem to have included additional ingredients: Apple polyphenolCopper peptides, Spin traps, Ketoconazole 1%, Rooibos, MSM, Caffeine 4%, Carnitine Tartrate, Amino Acids, Emu Oil, Biotin.

For example:

Caffeine is the active ingredient in Alpecin.

In shampoo NISSIM and others the active ingredient is amino acids

Biotine is an important ingredient in treatment shampoos like Biotin B-Complex.

After I used the product for two months, washing my head every other day

(and the other day I used NUTRIFOLICA ); I am very satisfied. What isn’t clear is which of the ingredients in REVITA   is the effective one and how effective this shampoo is as opposed to other shampoos that are cheaper and contain the same ingredient.


When I use it, I leave it on my head for 5 to 6 minutes before rinsing it off.




The shampoo is very special in that it does not include SLS, smells great, provides a terrific lather, and a small amount applied in each session is sufficient. And obviously, it is suppose to be useful in the battle against hair loss.




Notwithstanding that the manufacturer recommends shampooing with the product at least five times per week. I am very cautious and suspicious about using the product this way since it contains Ketoconazole. Even though it is only 1%.


I started using this shampoo on August 1, 2012



12 thoughts on “REVITA SHAMPOO

    • Hello Eduardo,
      I didn’t find access to all of its ingredients, but from what I did see it looks like it’s a pretty decent shampoo. If you’re going for a shampoo in the 25$ range (250ml), I recommend you also take a look at RegenePure DR, there a link so you can check out the ingredients. I’m pretty impressed by it – it has the same active ingredient as in Nizoral and it’s also almost completely natural (except the DLS). Back to Revivogen, from what I’ve seen I still haven’t found any justification for its high price. Bottom line I think it might be worth checking out, but I still don’t know of anyone using it and I have yet to use it myself.

    • Hello, I’m happy with my hair after shampoo in terms of look, touch and smell. The shampoo is very thick and requires a thorough rinsing until it comes off. I’ve read about a few people (mostly woman) that find this very troublesome – I personally don’t mind it as much.

  1. Simon, just wanted to say “Thanks a million” for doing this. I don’t have alot of money and so was hesitant to fork out cash on products that as far as I could tell might not work. Also, alot of the advertising and “reviews” I saw online made it hard to know who to believe. But then I stumbled across your site, and I am going to start my own regime. Your results look promising, and so I am going to try it myself.

    Again, thanks for doing this and helping all of the men that come to visit here. I’ll be checking back regularly.

    • Thank you for your feedback. That is the exact purpose of this site – to share the experience of dealing with the problem of hair loss, finding solutions to its treatment and prevention (if possible); and thereby helping others.

  2. Have you tried Regenepure DR or Regenepure NT? I am undecided between Revita and Regenepure shampoos, can you advise?
    Why are you so cautious with Ketoconazole? What are the effects of overusing it?
    I am currently using Nizoral 2%, alternating with Pantene Pro-V shampoo, but I think I should replace either the Pantene, or both. Any suggestions?

    • I read somewhere that Ketoconazole could be unhealthy, but I still use it 6 days a week.
      Regenepure DR and Revita are both good shampoos. I tried only Revita so I can’t compare.

  3. Hi Simon. This site states that Revita contains 1% ketoconazole. Is it possible to tell me where that information was obtained? I have searched all over to find a legitimate source to verify the 1% claim but I have not found any and DS Labs does not disclose the actual amount. I have come across many sites that have said it’s 1%, a handful that say 2%, and some that say less than 1%…but but in none of the cases is there any solid info to back it up. Thanks.

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