Regenepure Dr vs Revita

The best shampoos for hair loss:

Regenepure Dr  vs Revita

During the months March-April, when I started the treatment, I recognized an obvious trend of hair improvement. That made me want to share my treatment with people suffering from hair loss like me. During the last months though there has been a certain decline in the results, and I had a feeling the treatment stopped at a certain level and probably weakened since the first month.

I’ve decided to do a “house check” to see what worked before and isn’t working now. When I did I recognized a major problem with my treatment – Ketokonazole.

The truth is I made a stupid mistake: I gave up on Ketokonazole so quickly without checking into the subject thoroughly. I was working on the assumption that studies have shown that Ketokonazole’s effectiveness in the treatment of hair loss stems from the fact that it eases scales and redness and nothing more.

After researching the subject further I realized it is actually a critical substance in the treatment that simply cannot be discarded – there are several studies that it Ketokonazole is both efficient and highly effective when treated combined with Minoxidil.

The bottom line is, I realized I had to bring it back into the treatment but I didn’t want to go back to using Nizoral. Nizoral shampoo is very cheap and contains 2% Ketokonazole but also contains a lot of things I don’t want on my head such as SLS, and in general, using it for a long period of time isn’t very healthy for you.

So I’ve decided to go for the alternatives: Revita, and Regenepure DR, which in my opinion are the best shampoos in the market today for the treatment of hair loss, and also they contain a low dosage of Ketokonazole which allows their usage for long periods of time.

Besides the Ketokonzole, there is a great similarity between composition of both shampoos (caffeine, oil, emo etc…). I highly recommend reading  the about the composition of Regenepure Dr and Revita. However there are a few differences that eventually made me go with Revita.

Regenepure contains Serenoa serrulata extract (saw palmetto) and also Castor Oil which Revita doesn’t have, and I have enough of those in the treatment , as well as Prosarin and Neutrafolika. Revita on the other hand, contains a lot of substances I’ve had a chance to read about which are supposed to help like Peptide, Cooper, MSM, and more.

Even after an in depth analysis it’s hard to choose which one is the better shampoo. In the course of my treatment if found Revita as the more effective one simply because it adds substances to my treatment, but if you are still debating, I recommend going over all the ingredients and making an educated decision based on what you are already treating with today.




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4 thoughts on “Regenepure Dr vs Revita

  1. I checked 2 of the shampoos and they really do seem to be the best. I wanted to order revita because I understand it also gives the hair more bulk than regenepure, but then I saw comments by a lot of people on amazon claiming they changed the formula and that the products is not as effective as it used to be. Assuming you don’t use other products, do you think there is a preference to a specific shampoo? And where is the best place to order from?

    • They changed the formula a while ago, but there is a lot of debate going on online wether the big container of the shampoo is fake or diluted. Because of this I bought the regular sized container.
      About the best place to order, that depends on your location. If you live in the states amazon is usually your best/cheapest bet, but I would also check ebay… I think Revita gives its own unique contribution if we’re dealing with a light hair loss, but as to which is better, I can’t say having never tried regenepure.

  2. I think the website really helps people who think the only available treatment for hair loss is Propecia. I think that when people still have a full head of hair and strong hair loss, it’s a lot more convenient to put on stuff like Minoxi foam or Crinagen… besides, this regime requires time during the day to put on one thing and then waiting a few hours until applying the other thing… when people still have hair they don’t want to work hard… and even if they do, sometimes it just seems better to just pop a pill once a day and feel like you’re done…

    • To each his own. I have 2 friends who use Propecia and are pretty happy with it. They both say the effects of the pill reduce over time. about the hassle of applying the products, there’s a lot of truth to what you’re saying, but I’m already so used to it that I don’t even think about it anymore, it’s like brushing my teeth.

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