Simple Tips to Say Bye-Bye to Hair Loss

Author: Jared D. Ingram

It’s really very unsightly to see bald patches in the head. Losing hair is a normal occurrence that can be attributed to aging. But, when the hair strands shed are greater in number than the usual and are lost more often, it’s necessary to take action and do preventive measures to prevent sporting a bald head forever. This problem can be remedied, thanks to natural treatments. For people who want to stop hair loss, it’s a must to be abreast of these tips.


Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals


The inclusion of a variety of vitamins and minerals in everyone’s diet is not overrated. Vitamins and minerals play a major role in the regulation of bodily systems. Each vitamin and mineral has a role to play in maintaining a healthy body. The hair is no exception to the benefits of these vitamins.

Vitamin C takes care of the body’s integumentary system. This includes everything seen on the surface like the skin and hair. This keeps them less prone to infections. Including citrus fruits in every meal will help reduce hair loss.

B-complex encompasses all the Vitamin B types. This group of vitamins stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp, which helps hair growth.

Like B-complex, Iron also helps in maintaining growth of strong strands. It’s a primary composition of blood, thereby encouraging its better circulation, especially in the scalp.

Hair is primarily made of protein. Therefore, eating foods rich in protein such as meat and other animal products will not only keep those locks looking good but will also stimulate growth of hair and will prevent its shedding.


Topical Procedures


Aside from including the needed vitamins and minerals in the diet, another way to stop hair loss is through simple topical treatments that are applied directly on the scalp.

Rub scalp with garlic, ginger or onion juice. Leaving it out overnight and rinsing it in the morning will help reduce hair loss.

Rub scalp with green tea. Using brewed bags and leaving them in the scalp for an hour or two will help the scalp absorb antioxidants which green teas are rich in.

Use different essential oils as a daily scalp massage. Massaging the scalp will enhance blood circulation and will stimulate growth of hair. Combining this with oils will also help the strands to be stronger as it grows.


Lifestyle Changes


Sometimes, hair loss is caused by the different unhealthy routines people do on a daily basis. Changing these habits will help prevent other adverse effects of these accustomed activities.

Reduce stress. The body’s regulation system is affected by external factors. This causes changes in hormonal levels which are manifested in the outer layer of the body –the skin. Lessening the late-night jobs and graveyard shifts will do wonders in reducing hair loss.

Avoid hairpieces that may damage hair. Some hairpieces may seem good to wear but they may do more harm than good. Avoid those that clip or tie too tight on the hair strands.

Avoid subjecting hair to too much styling and heat. Dyeing the hair and keeping it silky straight for most women are usual. But, doing these on a regular basis may damage the hair and the scalp, causing it to shed hair.

Doing these simple yet effective procedures may help people stop hair loss and promote healthier regrowth of hair.


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