RU58841 and CB-03-01

Recently I have had a feeling that I am missing something. I looked at many forums around the world and I noticed a lot of talking about some products that I don’t know about and don’t know how to get. Most of these “products” are not exactly products. Instead, they are chemical ingredients that have been purchased in labs and then mixed at home. I am continuing with my regular regime but I have also started looking at the alternatives in order to take my treatment to the next level.

Right now I am researching two main ingredients. The first one I like to call “the unicorn” of hair loss treatments which is the notorious RU58841 (or RUA). I will not write a review on it unless I will use it by myself. It has spoken about as to be a very affective DHT blocker with minor side effects. Another ingredient that I start researching is CB-03-01. This ingredient has no FDA or any approval although it seems to be in use around the globe. You only need to use CB-03-01 twice a week, which makes it less expensive than the RU58841.

On this post I would like to share with you my wondering about using products of this kind. Anyone who ever used one of this ingredients is more than welcome to share his experience. I will start with the good:

Why YES?

ExtractionI have already tried the alternatives out there and on the long run I think I will still go bold. Slowly and surely.

Efficiency– As a topical user only, the hardest thing to find is an alternative to Propecia. You don’t have too many options more than azelaic acid and saw palmetto. RU58841\ CB-03-01 are the perfect solution for that problem.

Recommendations– There are lots of users on the web who talk and show amazing results by using these products. Many of them have used Propecia before and had less results and more side effects.

Matter of time- There are many rumors that CB-03-01 will get FDA approval in about 3 years, So why should I wait? It much easier to preserve than to restore…

Why Not?

Quality– There is no way to tell what you get. It might be low quality, damaged, fake. By the end of the day I’m not a chemist.

Side effects– For now there are no known side effects for using CB-03-01. RU Also has minimum side effects if any. With that say, there isn’t enough information, research, or observations to really tell if it safe. Especially in the long run.

Price– These ingredients are very expensive compared to any other products of a similar kind.

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2 thoughts on “RU58841 and CB-03-01

  1. Regarding: “There are many rumors that CB-03-01 will get FDA approval in about 3 years”… Since this post was made about 1.5 years ago, I, too, an curious on the latest developments on these. Any further confirmation on those rumors?

    I’ve heard about anecdotal success stories for years, but there never seems to be anything definitive about the efficacy/safety/sourcing (where to obtain with confidence it’s the genuine article), cost, etc.

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