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  1. hello there ! Based on the pictures you put up it seems like there is a lot of improvement in a short period of time… what do you use to treat male pattern baldness? And how often?

    • Hello Jeff, I might have misunderstood your question, every treatment I take is documented extensively in the blog. During the months of treatment I have changed the treatment several times and always updated what I use each month. More so, you have a section at the top called “products that I use” which contains all the products currently in use.
      About the photos, there has indeed been an incredible improvement in the first couple of months when I added Procerin and Nizoral to the treatment, after that there has been a certain stabilization and even a slight regression. You can look at the end of month summery in the blog where I write exactly what I did and how it’s coming along.

  2. In my opinion it seems that you are making good progress. I identify with you and wish you success on your journey. I’m 27 and have sparsity on the front but I am refrained to start a treatment. I order minoxidil and crinagen but haven’t started yet. Hope to see more good results from you to give me motivation to start the whole process.

  3. Hi Simon, I dunno if it’s the light, but being you honest as I think you are, I doubt you would cherry pick the light specifically to make believe progress in one photo and highlight thinning in another :).
    That said, what happened to the last two photos and how’s going lately? You disappeared. I’d understand it you discontinued because of the commitment or life challenges, to keep up is a challenge.
    Is there a way to avoid Fina and it’s side effects? it’s all I want to know, plus I thought about tackling the thinning from all the angle not just Dht, but inflammation, scalp detension, olistic diet approach, growth stimulation and what not, maybe included, but sounds like gibberish, make so more muscle metabolizes dht than hair.
    I admit I read this last one in hairloss black book, of which I’m angry there are no serious and legit reviews in interned but just promotion copypasted and disguised as reviews, what do you think about it, as I don’t wanna give money to scammer before something actually works, then I’d be happy to donate them even more than the book price, but until them, ehm, does Click bank actually work as they said, money back and all? 😉
    I guess you tried them too.
    What about Lmaliniak recover photos? Are they legit?
    Thanks so much if you will take the time to answer.

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