My treatment since 2012 was characterized with a phenomenal improvement, fast results and a lot of optimism. Then came the downfall and several months of regression. Today, I’ve reached a point where I have no hair loss but I am pretty much back to where I started.

Last month I said that I have reached the best situation I’ve been in since a decade, and that really is the case in terms of hair loss (amount of hairs per day). In terms of the hair’s look, it’s quite a different story. Looks  like I did a complete 360 and got back to the starting point. I could probably stay at this point for several good years but I am not in the least satisfied. If this is the maximum I can get from treatment I’d rather just shave it all off and quit…


The greatest insight I’ve gotten out of this month is that hair loss is really easy to stop. It’s a lot easier than most people think. All you have to do is try some things out, see what works best for you, build your treatment regime, and stick to it. The question asked is why most people don’t stop hair loss at an early stage and just preserve their current situation for years. it’s a trivial question but I’m sure a lot of people fail here.

When you have hair to preserve, you would rather not spend your time and money and you will probably neglect the issue. When you don’t have hair to preserve anymore, that’s when you realize that no matter how much time and money you spend you will eventually give up because you will realize that all that work for preserving something virtually non-existent is just not worth it. I’m currently in a kind of in between limbo between the two, and it’s quite frustrating.


I needed these past two months to be in a safe place, a “comfort zone” after quite an unpleasant period where I’ve had months of normal and below normal hair loss. After stopping that landslide, I have to make a drastic change. Staying in the same situation won’t get me far.

An interesting thing I’ve learned is that substances often don’t absorb in the scalp very well. This is something you probably learn to recognize after some experience. The Rogaine for example absorbs a lot slower than it used to which means it’s also less effective. This month I’m going to give the current products one last chance to try and get the most out of them, and to that end I’m also adding the pin roller that is supposed to help all the vital substances seep into the scalp more efficiently. There are a few more trick I want to experiment with now, but from experience, it is better to introduce changes gradually….

So I’m resuming the blog, fully prepared to either win or lose with dignity. I think that without the blog I would quit a while ago, but I’ve been getting so many positive feedbacks that I cant stop now. It doesn’t matter where it goes from here, I just hope that whoever comes to this blog know he found a true and honest place that isn’t trying to bullshit him or sell him pipe dreams. This is my reality, I’m pretty much at the same point where I started, only with less hairs on my pillow.

January treatment-

Nutrifolica  liquid– as soon as I wake up, pour some and forget about it

Rogaine – at some point during the day

Crinagen – before bed time, usually after washing my hair and at least 4 hours apart from Rogaine

ShampoosNutrifolica and Revita on and off

Pin roller – twice a week

JBCO – once a week

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  1. Hi there,
    Well done, it’s a lot smarter to start early. I started a bit too late… unfortunately I cant order products from abroad (at least for now), so I use only things available domestic. Ive been using small Fultene pharma ampulas for a little over a month now, and so far the initial effect is a drastic decrease in hair loss. I don’t know if this is something that will stay long term or not, but for the meantime it’s great. The product says to use for 3 months and then stop, and to do the treatment twice a year during transition seasons. They don’t write the ingridients of the product, so I cant tell you if it matches the things you use. The only ingredient it says something about is tricosaccaride… anyway I agree with what you said, you can work against hair loss and it’s better to do so as early as possible

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