Summary October 2012

The positive process of recovery continues from the previous month. There was significant less hair loss. However damage previously done is still visible.

As previously discussed the recovery process takes a very, very long time. This in unfortunate contrast to hair loss which is quickly visible.

I changed between CRINAGEN  and PROCERIN XT about a week ago. There is not yet enough experience with CRINAGEN   to be able to express an opinion as to how well it is working. Nonetheless, as opposed to P which has a nice scent, CRINAGEN   has a horrible smell.

I suspect that my assessment is correct that my hair loss is a difficult one and is a result of the bad side effects to previous treatments.  My scalp did not get used to the previous products. The opposite was true. It perhaps received too much encouragement to begin to work. The result was an increase of hair loss.


Currently I am with normal hair loss and a change to a more positive look. This indicates that there is recovery to the traumas previously sustained by over use.




Ingredient Ketoconazole


In my opinion anyone treating male hair loss by external treatments must at some point use some product that includes the ingredient K but with the proper dosage.


When I stopped using shampoo V, I noticed a deterioration in my condition. Today I am using a new shampoo R.


I am aware of three shampoos that include Ketoconazole:  REVITA SHAMPOO, NIZORAL and Regenepure DR.




As I have previously discussed the Internet is filled with positive reports on these products. I use both the shampoo and liquid application for over 6 months but have not seen any positive results.


The only thing I can report is that I give priority to shampoo without SLS. The reason being since I am putting so many treatements on my scalp it is imperative to shampoo every day. Under these circumstances the best shampoo is a natural one. NUTRIFOLICA shampoo is natural and does not contain SLS.


There are those who only use NUTRIFOLICA Products and report positive results. To my sorrow, I am not one of them.



Intended Treatment Regime for November

MorningNUTRIFOLICA Liquid.



Shampoo REVITA SHAMPOO  and NUTRIFOLICA on alternative days.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil – once a week.



A corner to stand in and laugh


The perfect solution to male hair loss.


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