Summary of June 2012

My first goal for this month was to stop the severe hair loss that I had the last month. I wanted to make sure that what causing it is the over use of the SPENCER FORREST X5. But it is important to note that it took some time to notice that but day by day the hair loss reduced. There were days of a normal hair loss and some a little bit above average. What sucks is that it takes a long time to grow your hair back, but it takes only couple of days to lose a lot of it.

Things that I’m sure about

As a person that has suffered most of his life from redness, dandruff and seborrhea; I have to say that the condition of my scalp has never been better. Without a doubt I give the credit to the PROCERIN XT. I’m not sure which of the components in it is responsible for this but my scalp is better than ever!!!

For those of you who suffer from those kind of things beside the hair loss I recommend to check out the components on PROCERIN XT. My thoughts were that it is because of the Castor oil. Therefore, I ordered the JBCO.

Moving from liquid to foam

I also decided to change my Minoxidil from a liquid that contain Propylene glycol to ROGAINE foam. Some might say that Propylene glycol is essential and irreplaceable, other claim that without Propylene glycol the Minoxidil is less effective. Well, if that was true why should the biggest company of Minoxidil in the world, make they flag-ship product without PG. since I couldn’t found any reasonable answer I replaced my Minoxidil with ROGAINE foam.

My regime for July:

ROGAINE foam- once a day. I washed my hair after 2-3 hours.

PROCERIN XT – 2 times a day . I put something like 2 squeezes.

Shampoo – NUTRIFOLICA  on a daily basis.

NUTRIFOLICA  liquid– Once a day. I just put it on my head until I felt my hair was a bit wet.

JBCO– 3 times a week. I put it for about 25-30 min and than wash it.



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