A non-bolding baldy

For the past three months now I have experienced almost zero hair loss. To the readers of this blog this sounds like an accomplishment but that accomplishment also brings about a big problem. If I were to build my treatment regiment 4 years ago, I would by now probably have an impressive amount of hair which I could preserve for many years to come. But the situation is not like that at all, seeing as I have reached some sort of “comfort zone” where I can keep what is already there. I’m pretty apprehensive about doing major treatment changes at the moment and do I find myself stuck in the same place, not losing hair, but not gaining it either. Continue reading

Ketoconazole- an important ingredient to prevent hair loss

Since I have been asked a number of questions in connection with Ketoconazole, this post is dedicated to the active ingredient in NIZORAL, which is Ketoconazole.

Ketoconazole has proved itself to be an ingredient that is against DHT on the scalp.  In addition it appears that it also has a positive effect in the encouragement of hair growth. Continue reading

March 2012- The beginning

March 2012 was the first month of my journey to defeat my hair loss. I added to my treatment an anti DHT named PROCERIN XT. At first I used it only once a day to make sure that there are no side effects. After a week I started using it twice a day. The effect of the PROCERIN XT was very fast.  Shortly after I started using it I noticed a huge difference in the way that my scalp looked and felt. I previously had a huge amount of dandruff and had suffered from redness. But after using PROCERIN XT for a couple of days I noticed a big change. Specifically, my dandruff vanished. In addition, I had less hair loss than I usually had been experiencing. Continue reading