A Winning Combination

I want to let you know about my last discovery. Once in a great while during the course of my experimentation I find a method that is effective which I can fully recommend. I am not talking about a new solution or trick that I have created. Rather a reinforcement of a method that I read about. I tried it. And it worked. We are talking about the duel usage of Minoxidil and Roller in a classic combination. Continue reading

Update of Ingredients in Lipogaine

Lipogaine has removed Azelaic acid from its ingredients. The reason for this seems be pressure from Amazon to remove the ingredient or their refusal to sell Lipogaine with the ingredient. As I have discussed previously Azelaic acid is a very important and useful ingredient for hair loss treatment. The ingredient has proven itself both in clinical trials and from my own personal experience. Specifically, it significantly reduces DHT on the scalp. There are other products such as Continue reading

Difficult situations require serious actions

Recently and unexpectedly my situation deteriorated to an extreme degree. However, to be perfectly honest, I had began not to be as careful and conscientious on my regime as I once was. For example: after every shower I had not used Alpecin, I missed a few days of using Minoxidil, for a long time I had not been using Jamaican Oil, and I was not diligent in the use of Carinagen. The results were not long in coming. Currently I am suffering more hair loss and my remaining hair is thinner.. Continue reading

RU58841 and CB-03-01

Recently I have had a feeling that I am missing something. I looked at many forums around the world and I noticed a lot of talking about some products that I don’t know about and don’t know how to get. Most of these “products” are not exactly products. Instead, they are chemical ingredients that have been purchased in labs and then mixed at home. I am continuing with my regular regime but I have also started looking at the alternatives in order to take my treatment to the next level.

Continue reading



Well I decided to see how much my treatment costs per month and to explain why I am using each product. Please feel free to comment on the prices or if you think that I’m doing something wrong.


I must say that since I start using Lipogain I see a good change. I will add photos, probably next month. Continue reading

A non-bolding baldy

For the past three months now I have experienced almost zero hair loss. To the readers of this blog this sounds like an accomplishment but that accomplishment also brings about a big problem. If I were to build my treatment regiment 4 years ago, I would by now probably have an impressive amount of hair which I could preserve for many years to come. But the situation is not like that at all, seeing as I have reached some sort of “comfort zone” where I can keep what is already there. I’m pretty apprehensive about doing major treatment changes at the moment and do I find myself stuck in the same place, not losing hair, but not gaining it either. Continue reading

“In some circumstances, the efficiency of synthetic analog of GHK-Cu was similar to that of 5% minoxidil”(Wikipedia)

The substance is active in copper based products such as Graftcyte, Foligen, Tircomin or as a supplement in other products like Revita shampoo. At first glance and after reading some forums I have deducted that it is more of a cosmetic treatment of hair loss – hair thickness and body build, with no significant contribution to the actual hair loss issue. After finding out hair implant clinics recommend this to their clients, I decided to investigate it further. Continue reading

September Summary 2012

I split this month into two parts which that are not equal. The first part which is  is 80%  of the post for this from the month of September because I had a very strong hair loss. I am aware of the first reactions from using those products. Although I wasn’t initially worriedy too much, the situation became chaotic. I believe the reason for this is one or both of theseis  options:

1) JBCO- is very thick and I am guessing I used it too much: 2-3 times a week and also with a large amount. After I started using it only once a month I notice some changes and the hairr loss was slowly reduced.

2) REVITA SHAMPOO- as it said on the manual, this shampoo might cause some hair loss at the beginning of useing. I used it for only two month and I’m not sure what it means “at the beginning of use”. Continue reading