Welcome to Simon vs Hair Loss!

This Blog documents the treatments that I have used in the battles, successful and not, against my own hair loss.

Every month I will be posting my progress in this area. I will also include a photo of my scalp as well as a review on how I am progressing with these treatments and the side effects experienced, if any. However, I am using only topical products in the most natural way possible and avoiding any medicine.

In order to clear some of the fog regarding alternative hair treatments, this Blog will review:

1. The products that I use.

2. The products that I stopped using (including the reasons why)

3. The way that I use them.

It is anticipated that the treatment will take at least a year. I started my treatment on February 29th 2012.


The purpose of this Blog is to provide an objective source of information based both on my experience and the experience of others. The treatments I will report on are those that I have decided to use based on my own research of the scientific evidence in the area of retarding hair loss and stimulating hair growth. However, it must be stressed that these reports are the events of one individual’s experience. This same warning must be taken into consideration regarding the posts of other people’s experiences that will appear here.

I have to point out that I’m not a Doctor nor am I authorized to give any recommendations about any product. I am only sharing and documenting what I do. It is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice before using any of the products that are discussed on this Blog

I would love to answer any of your question and hear from your own knowledge and experience.

Good luck to all of us and wishes for lots of hair!!!!