Nutrition and Hair loss in woman

There is a big known link between nutrition and hair loss, and for woman most of the possible causes for hair loss will be some sort of Protein, vitamin, mineral, carbs or water deficiency. Usually nutrition induced hair loss is temporary and the hair loss will stop once the unhealthy diet is remedied.

Here is a list of possible nutrition problems which can lead to hair loss, and their way of treatment-

Vitamin deficiency:

Not a very common cause of hair loss with the average person, nevertheless, a blood test could help show if a person might be suffering from hair loss due to a shortage of zink, B6, B1, B12, or A vitamins and if so there are supplements you could take to return to normal levels.


Excess cholesterol:

Cholesterol is important for building sex hormones in the body, too much cholesterol could eventually lead to an excess of androgynous hormones which in turn lead to hair loss. Therefore you should reduce consumption of fatty foods, which contain a high dosage of saturated fat.


Mineral deficiency:

Minerals are part of what forms the hair structure and therefore a deficiency of certain minerals could be very bad for your hair. The minerals Zink, silicon dioxide, iron, and Sulfer are most important. Try to enrich your diet with foods containing higher amounts of those minerals like Hummus, Eggs, Lentil beans, soy, almonds,  and more..


Protein deficiency:

Hair is made of protein, that’s why it’s very important to receive good quality animal Protein from your diet, for example from eggs, fish, skin and fat free chicken. Or vegetable protein such as grains and legume. Combining the two together gives you  all the necessary enzymes you need.


It’s obvious that a healthier diet can affect your hair loss problem, but for more specific information on your nutritional bad habits its highly recommended that you take a blood test to determine the type of deficiencies you suffer from so you can build a treatment program targeted specifically at what you need and get the supplements your body is missing for a long term healthy and effective treatment.

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